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Osho North America (NA)

Sufi group with Swami Videha at Osho Niranjana

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Details and RSVP at meetup.com


The Way Of The Heart - with Ma Dharm Jyoti

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Click here for High-Res Flyer


21-day Mystic Rose Group with Ma Shanti @ Osho Niranjana

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Click here for details.
This is a rare opportunity for a 21 days residential meditation retreat in USA.
Take advantage of this opportunity. Join us!


Meditation Retreats with Swami Anand Arun - July 2015

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More details to follow.



"Osho North America is a portal to Osho Information and Activities in North America." 
If you have an event or announcement or advertisement then please submit them to oshona@ymail.com

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